Weddings Photography and Videography


Wedding is a once in a life time moment! Treasure the beautiful moments through Suhana Vision Wedding photography and videography services. When it comes to wedding shoot, you would expect a lifetime memories with you. Suhana Vision is a Mumbai based company specialized in photography and videography. We believe in creating and saving memories. We have a professional team of traditional photographers and videographers who understand the different ceremonies in different castes and cultures and accordingly capture those moments. We are well equipped with the latest technology and are also have very talented professionals. We work according to your requirement and suggest you the best and most economical or exclusive options. We aim to make your video better than a film promo, captivating, joyous and leaving you speechless.

Wedding Photography and videography is generally about capturing all the activities in the wedding which one would cherish whole of their lifetime. We make sure that we give you your best version of those memories. There would be photographs of the couple before their wedding and also during the wedding reception and also exclusive photos of the couple at different scenic locations. There would be also portrait display and also thank you cards for the people who grace the event with their presence.

Photography is half about the talent of the photographer and half on the technology that he is using. Our professionals use the latest cutting edge technologies and special effects to produce stunning photos and videos. We use the high end cameras to capture your memorable moments. There will also be few photographs taken in the raw image format.

Live streaming of wedding:

We also offer live streaming of the wedding across many locations in the world. Live Large format screens, multicamera setup with online editing, are provided at the wedding venue for projecting the live special moments or ceremony for greater visibility to all guests.

We give you two types of photos and videos.

  • 1. Indoor photo shoot where in the bride and bridegroom along with their respective families would be clicked.
  • 2. Outdoor photo and video shoot where the couple would be taken into frames to a scenic location like beach or a park or any other interesting location.

While many of the photographers have the talent of capturing the bride and the groom together or separately in a very fascinating way, our professional Photographers can also take a larger frame picture easily and beautifully. We capture the whole of the wedding party and also your loved ones in a single frame which would be remembered for a lifetime. As they say, weddings are forever, we immortalize them. We are very good at bringing out the best emotions and photogenic faces of the people even if they are camera shy and get them to click at their best and enhance the photos and videos using our latest cutting edge technology.

We offer a unique style of the wedding photography. We provide you with:

Traditional Photography and Videography:

Here, we capture timeless and classic pictures of the bride and the groom when they are moving with each other throughout the wedding process, by highly experienced photographers who understand your community rites and rituals.

Wedding Photojournalism:

Here, quite contrary to traditional style, we click pictures with actions on a go. All the candid moments and natural emotions would be well portrayed.

Fine Art Portraiture:

This style is very distinctive and also requires a lot of professionalism. Here, we need to give a lot of detailing a specialized lighting is used to create. This is a style which is very interesting and our photographers visualize the pictures long before it is clicked. The portrait then looks perfect and also surreal.

High Fashion Wedding Photography and Videography:

This photography would well suit you if you plan to wear something dramatic and also want a photography or Videography which is out of the box.

Weddings are once in a life time events and we make sure that we make it so good that you would have the best memories captured forever!

Karizma Albums and Photobooks:

We have something more interesting for you, for your wedding. Karizma albums! To make sure every moment of your wedding is capture and saved forver, we also offer Karizma albums. Once the professional photos are clicked, they are edited and color-corrected, by our creative team of professionals who then visualize and work on each photo. Using high quality special sheets, every sheet of your album looks impressive with a great collection of memories. We capture every vital moment of your wedding and capture them to your Karizma Album.